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10 mm mortar rake unit – 4 TCT cutters – for raking our mortar between bricks

Diameter:  10 mm
Number of TCT cutters:  4 (Z4)
Length of TCT cutter   25 mm
M14 spindle to screw directly onto angle grinder spindle
Total length including M14 adapter is 70 mm
Note: can also be ordered with 35 mm, 47 mm or 60 mm length of cutter if deeper raking is wished.

4 skær fugefræser unit total længde

4 skær fugefræser unit total længde

9,13 €
11,41 € incl. vat

In stock - Delivery 3-5 days

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Mortar rake with 4-tungsten cutter for removing mortar between bricks.  Use a 3 cutter for light to medium hard mortar. Typical a lime mortar or a lime mortar mixed with hydraulic lime or very moderate portions of cement.
Always choose a diameter 2 mm less than the mortar joint you want to rake out.
As a starting point always, use a mortar rake with 25 mm cutter length for ordinary repointing jobs.  Only for special purposes do you need to enter deeper into the masonry.
If you can easily see open joints around the mortar bed, then it is time to think about repointing. When examining your brick work, a good guide to go by is to measure the depth of the disintegration against the height of the mortar. As soon as the depth matches the height of the mortar filling, it’s time to start repointing.
Cut out all loose and damaged mortar. You may find that some of the faces of the bricks have been damaged as a result of water getting into the joints.